Friday, June 22, 2007

Who's a loser?

Now that my adorable bride has leaked the link to my blog I need to lay down some ground rules.
O.K. only one rule but it's a good one; IF YOU VISIT THIS SITE YOU HAVE TO LEAVE A COMMENT. I don't care if all you do leave your name but that's the rule.

We are living in a society with rules that we all need to follow, if you come and leave nothing you are a loser! I have put a lot into this self agrandizing ME fest and I expect you behave as asked.

In return when I take time out of my busy day to peruse the e-monuments you have made to yourselves I will always leave a comment for you. Fair is fair.

I leave you with a gratuitous bike shot of yours truelly in acknowledgment of Sarah's misguided belief that biking is all I care about.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Store bought speed

For all of you who are uninformed and somewhat oblivious to the whole biking scene may I present to you the Pinarello Paris FP. "What makes it so special?" you may ask. Allow me to elucidate but first prepare yourselves for some real down home bike geekiness.
First of all it's Italian, the Pinarello name has been synonymous with cycling since the 1925 World Cycling fair. Where Giovanni Pinarello on the prestigious gold medal and diploma in recognition of his achievements.
The Italians have a tendency to create beautiful bikes while caring very little about how much it weighs and the stiffness of the bike. The Paris however is both. Super sexy, very stiff and the frame weights in at just over two pounds. With the right set of parts a complete bike totals 16lbs. Translated to the real world, this bike is a rocket.
I have done two rides on this bike logging 89 miles. The second ride was up Utah Hill, which has an eight mile climb. I was able to shave two minutes off my best summit time. I was also the first guy to the top which almost never happens.
So the moral of the story is; if you spend more money you can get faster. So how am I going to feel when some kid on a $800 Costco special kicks my trash.

It doesn't really matter, I will probably get hit by a car anyway.

El Scorcho