Friday, November 2, 2007

I-pod stuff

I thought I would share what's on my i-pod.

Jim Post loves his life and so do I.
He also carries off the wet, soggy mustache with dignity.

Who can forget these 5 guys? Their music is as timeless as their fashion.

When it's time to rock Battle Axe does it for me. The lead singer is also quite the artist as you can see by the awesome cover work.

These girls are an incredible story and little Vicki has the voice of an angel..... a blind angel.

Mike Terry can only be compared with the likes of Liberace and Sir Elton John. This live album is a must have for all piano music lovers.

Joyce is HUGE in Japan, I can't believe that I found this album at a garage sale for .50 cents. I could probably get at least $50 for it on ebay.

When I have had a bad day I request Ken and my troubles seem to melt away.

As you can tell Francisco and Fernando really know how to party and I think Tino has a shot at being the next Ricky Martin.

The Reverend Freddie Gage is obviously a lonely man and has inspired other bands like Morrisey and Smashing Pumpkins.

This cover art is obviously a rip-off of Herb Albert's "Whip Cream" album but these 5 British Ladies can really sing.

I saved the best for last. Who knew that Colonel Sanders singing voice was as totally spicy-awesome as his chicken? Then throw in the fact that he is partying in Tijuana with his chicken and you have an album to remember.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Buzz Kill

My brother Daniel has tagged me to list 6 things/habits about myself. I could only come up with one.

1. I don't like listing things about myself. I am not an "inward thinker."

P.S. I do like pie.