Monday, January 21, 2008

Lost Wedding Ring

Last week was the annual golf trip to Las Vegas. A bunch of guys I know have been coming to Vegas in January for 12 or so years to play for three days and get away from the bad weather up in SLC. I still go even though the weather is about the same in St. George.
We stayed at the lushly appointed yet not overly ostentatious New Orleans Hotel/Casino. I think there are more restaurants in the casino than in St. George. We played golf at the Piute Golf Club in North Las Vegas. There are 3 courses there, a new one for each day. I will not bore you with the windy details or my magnificent Eagle on number 16. Instead we need to talk about my wedding ring. I always take it off to play golf and now I can't find it. I even called the hotel on the chance that someone found it. Fat chance.

So I have been looking on eBay for a replacement, what do all you super shoppers (I'm looking at you Robin and Anne) think of this very special number? I think I could pull it off.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Goodbye dear friend

It is time to say goodbye to an old friend. I bought this bike in the spring of 01' just after Sarah and I moved to St. George. I was technically unemployed at the time and had a lot of free time which I spent exploring the area on this trusty steed. This is the photo I am posting on ebay.

I love this bike. Here we are in happier times

I replaced her two years ago with the newer model. There is a joke here about wives but I will leave it to the readers imagination. So for two years she has sat in my garage and I felt that it was time to give her a new home.
The newer model will also be sold this year, I don't have nearly the same emotional attachments to that bike. Somebody just needs to cart it away. I will be replacing that bike with a lighter Cross Country bike that will not tempt me into doing things like the picture above.

I will end with a quote by Thoreau “There is no remedy for love but to love more.” So I will go and find a new bike, one that I can love again to erase the pain of seeing this one go.
Goodbye dear friend.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Last weekend Duane and Sallie Sullivan went with Sarah and I on our suggestion to a new restaurant located in the new strip mall over by Costco. It had advertised itself to have "authentic Brazilian food." I have to admit that I did not know that they do not have salt and pepper in Brazil or any other spices for that matter.
I will not call the restaurant by name but it sounds a lot like Barfalo's, I could tell that the owner and proprietor was working very hard to make sure that our experience was enjoyable. He maybe should have done some pre-opening taste/consumer tests. The beans and rice would have tested in the lower tier.

As unsavory as that meal was, the Cold Stone Creamery never disappoints as we retired back to our house to watch the DVD provided to us of the spectacle that was our New Years Party.
If you have not seen that footage you need to get ahold of someone with a copy and laugh yourself silly. My two faves; Bob Lamareaux's absolute commitment to a great idea and Steve Layton's dance moves complete with facial expressions, priceless.