Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hardcore birthday

Occasionally my wife pays attention to my ramblings, this was evident this past week when for my birthday she purchased the ContourHD helmet cam. I was really surprised that she had remembered an the obscure reference that I had made to wanting a helmet cam.
This is the entire setup, no wires or battery packs and it weighs less than my cell phone.

The good news for you faithful follower is that my posts will now include video highlights of good times on the trail. Congratulations to you.

I was also able to procure a rigid carbon fibre fork for the SS. The suspension fork I have been using has been acting hinky so I sent it back to the factory for a retooling. I was a little nervous as to how I would make my bike rideable for an upcoming event in Tucson so when I found a friend with one I could use/ lease with an option to buy I was uber stoked. I have been wanting to try a fully rigid bike for a while so this give me a good opportunity to give it a go.

After one ride I have to say that I don't hate it. I have never had to pay so much attention to a trail before, if I just tried to pound thru stuff like I normally would I could end up in a bad way very quickly. There is no room for error without the extra cush, but on the silver lining side it climbs like a scalded monkey. The two lbs of weight savings is also very noticeable on the climbs so I think I will keep it on for now and and see how it goes. Maybe I will grow to love it and never go back to squishy forks, I have to admit the simplicity is intriguing.

I have had a number of people, (to be honest everybody I have spoken to but one,) ask me the same question...........why would you do that. I have no real answer other than "because I feel like it, so shut your face." but I think Jack Black said it best -

"To be hardcore you have to live hardcore."