Thursday, September 27, 2007

Heber ride report

The Heber Valley Century Ride is touted as "the most scenic ride in Utah." I have to say that it did not disapoint. The leaves were changing and the colors are at their most vivid as you can see in the photo below.

This picture not only shows the great colors but a great example of someone who will not finish 100 miles. There is a 50 mile option for those interested, I'm guessing that's this guy.

The first 50 miles were a breeze as I attached myself to this gentlemens back tire and hung on for dear life.

The way you can get all that cool BYU swag is by being very, very fast. I did tell him that I was willing to take my turn pulling for a while but we would have to slow down.......he declined.

We traveled around Heber, by the Homestead Resort and up to the Wasatch State Park before crossing the hiway and making the climb up and over towards Kamas. The views in the park and around Jordanelle Reservoir were stunning.
We rode past Rockport Reservoir and turned around in the lovely town of Coleville. There was supposed to be a rest stop at the Ward House in Coleville but we had got there so fast all they had was tap water, the food truck had not got there yet so we continued on.

The wind had picked up blowing north which had aided our speed on the way out but on the return trip it was right in our faces and it slowed us down considerably. I lost BYU boy and managed about 11 mph for the next 45 miles wanting to throw up the whole way.

I saw the rain coming and quickly called my brother Daniel to come get me in Kamas. He had been in Park City riding the alpine slide with his wife Sarah and my to daughters Megan and Maddie.

They picked me just before the rain so apparently this is a picture of someone who doesn't finish 100 miles either.

Thanks to Zazoosh for being my photographer for the day and to Daniel and Sara for hosting us in their lushly appointed yet not overly ostentatious apt.