Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What are you doing?

Mike Curiak is the toughest man I know. I have know Mike for a couple of years now, he comes down to St. George every 3-4 months to ride with us regular human beings. He builds 29er wheels for a living, I have a set on my new bike.

This is Mike at Gooseberry Mesa last fall.

So I know your asking what does he do that makes him so special. How about an 1,100 mile, self supported trek from Knik Lake to Nome in Alaska...... On a bike. You can read a brief write up on Mike in the Grand Junction Journal. Mike also has a blog that shows just how ridiculous this trip is.

This is Mike and his bike loaded up to leave.

He still holds the record for the fastest time on this trail. It is the same trail that they use for the Iditardod. Some folks just race it on bikes instead.

So what are you doing with your life? He makes me feel lazy and out of shape. I think I will go ride my bike so that when he comes to town next month I won't make a fool of myself.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Barrel Roll

Spring has sprung in St. George, the temps and trails are superb. I took the camera with me for the second ride on the new scooter. This is the Barrel Roll trail just above Santa Clara named for the Barrel Cactus that you find there.

You can actually see my house in this photo if you know where to look. Pine Valley Mt still has a little snow as you can see. All you suckas' that live in the great white north can put this up as your screen saver and dream of being me.

I took a shot here commemorating the first scratch on the bike. I chunked the fork into a rock in the crevice you can see above the rear tire.

As I suspected this bike is a load of fun and an absolute rocket on the smooth, twisty trails.