Tuesday, August 12, 2008


If you think this looks like an ordinary bike log you would be wrong.

This time I have two guest stars for your enjoyment. The first is the famous Anthony Vance. He and Lynette stopped by on their way home from Texas by way of Las Vegas. No they are not geographically challenged or lost, they had the time and the means to visit the people most important to them....................the Bruderer's.
Anthony and I took a quick ride tuesday morning on the Barrel Roll trail. Here is Anthony at the top of the first climb s t r u g g l i n g not to lose the enchiladas from the night before.

I know that he will be happy to see that picture. :) Your my boy blue!

He got himself right and made the rest of the trail look easy. Here he is about to clean the nasty part of the trail.

The second guest star is the smooth and svelte Douglas Shaw. He and I rode the Ulcer 111 again this year. Maybe some of you will be able to see that I ripped this picture from the web.

Douglas is the guy with the blue helmet. I'm not sure who the other good lookin' guy is but he looks like he was doing all the work.

I finished with a 5 hour and 12 minute saddle time. I had big plans for this year but I was 17 minutes slower than last year, I am going to blame it on lack of sleep and bathroom privacy.
I did see the best and biggest crash ever! So no matter how bad I felt I know that I was doing better than the 20 or so dudes who piled it up at 28mph in downtown Provo. Oh the humanity.


Sara Anne said...

Wow! You're good enough to have someone else post pictures of you! I don't care why Lynette and Anthony came down but you sure are lucky to have had them visit. Anthony, I feel for you!

B& JWeston said...

It looks like Anthony is contemplating the ride ahead - or behind. I guess you both finished the trail and that you both survived. I also thought that Anthony and Lynette visited those who were important - both the bruderers and the westons! Love Dad

annebabe said...

that 17 minute lag time is unacceptable. i thought your were all star dude. if only you had your own bathroom . . .