Friday, November 28, 2008

School uniforms

A friend of mine from High school found a couple of pictures that I thought you all might want to see. I don't remember having school uniforms but here is the proof in black and white.

White T shirt? Check. Timberlands? Check. Acid washed jeans? Check. Mullets? Check.
Top row; Brent Allsop, Todd Passey, Dustin Warr.
Bottom row; Mike Bearnson, Matt Izatt and Yours Truly.
That was from our senior year seated on the "senior bench in the lobby at THE Bountiful High.

Graduation trip to Lake Powell. If memory serves this was taken in the parking lot at Stromboli's Pizza in Page Arizona. Let's play where's Marco. The first to locate me correctly wins a prize.

There is a lot of neon colors in that picture and some really short shorts. I remember being pretty cool but I had no idea I was that cool.


Sara Anne said...

My guess is second in from the right. Wow--you were cool!

El Scorcho said...

Sara, you nailed it first thing. In return you receive the gift that keeps on friendship.

shawn & bekah said...

I guessed the second from the right as well, not too hard to spot, knowing you and your love of picture taking, etc. So, I'm wondering what my gift will be... since I already have that gift of friendship thing. That shot of Bountiful High really brings back some memories. You guys look like T-birds (Grease). Sooo cool.

Kristin said...

Wow. I'd forgotten about timberlands, and mullets apparently. I must have blocked it all out. Why is Allsop grabbing Mike's nipples?

Chris said...

Sweet Blog man. Those pics are RAD. And I don't care, the mullet is were it is at. It was by far my best look.

BTW Tesla rocks (and I don't mean the band, I mean Nikola Tesla)

Michelle & Steve said...

This is awesome. I didn't realize there were uniforms at BHS either, but I'm happy to see that you guys were such good conformists! Also, I had no idea that you were the second from the right - now I know, I have to go back and look again...someday I'm sure to win one of these contests, even if I am only in it for the prize.