Friday, November 19, 2010

Frog Hollow 25 hr

Two weeks since the event and I finally found the cable connecting my camera to the computer.
This was the second annual Frog Hollow 25 hr race. Why 25 hours?? Well, every event needs a hook so they schedule it over the time change making it the longest one day race in the world.

They use the same course as the 6hr event I did in October. It uses parts of the JEM and Hurricane Rim trail with double track connections to complete the loop. All in all not a bad track though I could do without the chunky uphill out on the Rim. That section at night is less than enjoyable.

View from camp

It was nice being so close to home, we commented on it being the best nights sleep before a race ever. Some of the families came and hung out for a few hours giving the atmosphere a different feel.

The participants in this years festivities from left to right;

Yours truly, THE J Russ in his homage to Evil Kneivel, John T, and newby to the race scene C- Pettigrew

Lap one's Lemans start.

Frog Hollow 25 from El Scorcho on Vimeo.

JT on the FrankenPit bike

This late season there is a legitimate 12 hrs of dark which at times seemed interminable. At 5am I was sitting by the fire with JRuss as he was contemplating his impending 7th lap. He made the observation, " I have already done more laps than I have ever done in a 24hr race and it's still dark!"

Due to some blistering laps by JRuss and JT with some solid, yet unremarkable laps by myself and Pettigrew, Team Shift for Brains (it's a single speed team, get it?) was able to lock up 2nd place in our category. That team on the top step is F. A. S. T. Beat us by two laps--the little lady on the right is a former 24hr Solo SS World Champ so I feel down right lucky to be that close.

Accepting accolades and a box of new eye wear for the effort. First time and possibly the last that I will ever be on a podium so I soaked it up like Paris Hilton on the red carpet.

With only 20 -30 minutes of bad sleep in him, JRuss fell asleep as I was talking to him. It took me 2 minutes to realize that he was out cold so we snapped a shot. BTW that outfit = speed.

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Sabrosa Cycles said...

holler - I had myself a doosey of a time. looking forward to a little all day adventure here shortly. whatcha going to be riding? squishy one speeder?