Monday, June 20, 2011

Google Machine

Have you ever googled yourself? I have done it a few times and realized each time that I have made little or no mark on the cyber world.
(no pun intended)

This time I ran across something extra special, I give you The Mark Weston Band.

To be brutally honest here, I am a little disappointed to have a group so devastatingly mediocre using my name.

To quote their site, "The Mark Weston Band is a Cutting Edge, Mainstream, Cross Over Pop Alternative Rock/New Country/Classic Rock three piece club dance band."

Is it even possible to be all of those things? I don't think MAINSTREAM means what they think it means. Exactly zero of their mindless tunes will be placed on my I-pod.

What's really interesting is that they have the same number of #1 hit singles as me and I don't even play an instrument.

So get out there and google yourself today but be prepared for the disappointment.


Kristin said...

Hey, at least that guitar logo is cool.

Thanks for hosting the boys this weekend. Hope no one falls over the edge...

Arlo & Kara said...

Boy, you were right about that. There is some girl track star who has the last name of Arlo who lives in Weston, CT. She is taking up all my space... I then tried just the first name Arlo - well Arlo Gutherie has taken "Arlo.Net", what is left now?