Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Die Cold Miser

As you may know, you cannot measure cold. All you can do is measure a lack of heat.
Another thing you cannot measure is my disdain for the cold. I started my ride this morning at 6am, in the dark and 31 degrees. When I was done it had dropped to 28.

You would think I would be used to it by now but every year I have to reinstate an uneasy truce with mother nature. I will continue to badmouth her and she will continue to make me suffer.

Long live the Heat Miser. Why is he portrayed as the bad guy, I think he is getting a bad rap.


Kristin said...

I have never seen that before. I hate the cold too, but the solution? STAY IN BED!

El Scorcho said...

K- I can't exorcise my demons from bed. Besides, I get fat if I don't get up.

DW said...

That picture makes me long for a ride in StG like I can't describe. Lucky for you, Mark, that even when it's cold in StG you can still ride. No such luck in the great white north. I will join you both in expressing my distain for the cold. I must also say that it makes me appreciate the spring and summer.