Sunday, June 24, 2012

2.5 weeks in So Utah.

I found myself volunteering to drive my daughter and some of her friends to Moab for a Church youth event. They were going to raft a length of the Colorado just east of town. I thought I could bring my bike, get my gas and food payed for and enjoy a couple of rides while they were on the river. 

We camped out by Ken's lake so I thought I would ride over Flat Pass. I found a promising trail going up Mill Creek but after 2 miles it proved to sandy to continue, I did get to ford the creek twice and had an emergency get off due to the sand. The 100+ temps kept me from going to far up Flat Pass but the views where good. 

That night my daughter does not eat BBQ was complaining about what was provided. Maybe I should have made her tough it out...or, we could just hit the Moab Diner for some green chille goodness.  I took the "B" option. Maddie was thoroughly impressed with diner food.

Day two, I dropped everybody off at the guide office, from there they would take a bus to the put-in location.  I was on my own for 6+ hrs....perfect.  I had heard about the Bar M trail system but had never been out that way. Keep in mind I was on the rigid single speed, which is not the most ideal sled to bring to this type of terrain.

That is a look toward Arches NP. If you look really close, dead center you can see an South Window Arch.

The trails were great. Very similar to the type of riding we have in StG, up and down with good techy sections. Not enough vertical to blow you up and not enough down to wish I had a different bike. I rode every inch of the trail system which turned out to be just over 27 miles total. By that time it was HOT and my wrist was beginning to ache from the fall the day before.

I hit the Poison Spider for a shower, then over to McStiff's for a pizza, I ordered the Dosie Doe, because when I am alone I don't have to share with non bleu cheese eaters.

*Dosie Doe – Olive oil with a hint of red sauce, roasted garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, scallions, parsley, bleu, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses.*

The following weekend was the annual Rainbow Rim Ride. You have seen it here many times before and never fails to deliver. I love taking first timers on this ride and this year I had 2 Chris P and BK.

In this picture I am standing on a 16" stump, BK is of abnormal size.

This is the only picture of Chris P that I have authorization to use, he enjoys the anonymity.

The Tuesday after the RRR I had to be in Ticaboo/ Bullfrog for a meeting with the National Park Service and some engineering types, and then a Board meeting with the TEID.

In between the two meetings I had a little down time. So I rode the ferry and took a little drive.

The confluence of the Dirty Devil and the Colorado rivers. This is where Lake Powell begins.

After a couple of weeks of driving and riding around this state I was reminded yet again how I am constantly and consistently amazed at the geography.  I love living here.


Lynette and Anthony said...

Don't you need a chemical engineer working for you? Then we can live there too!

El Scorcho said...

L&A- I will work on it.