Monday, September 10, 2012

I got 99 problems....

and my back ain't one.

Waaaay back on Fathers Day, my bride hooked me up with one of these little goo-gaw's.  It's called a Rumble Roller, and this thing is the truth.  Mine is blue.

Mostly due to my advancing years I have found that after each and every ride I need to do about 15 minutes of stretching and about 7 minutes on the roller.  I used to have a daughter that was amenable to the task of walking on my back, she was just the right weight and after some instruction, did a pretty fantastic job of putting things in order. She has since become way to cool to do that for her old man so I needed an alternative method.  In my wildest dreams of avarice I have enough money to get a massage at least once a week. Here's to dreaming big.

I will also update you on what is happening since this occurred. Its been 7 weeks and I have filled out more paper work for the Juvinile Court but have not received a court date.  The wheels of justice move ponderously towards a conclusion.
The cuts and scrapes healed up pretty good, and time will tell if the ones on my face will continue to fade.  The bruise right on my hip bone, while not visible, is still painful to the touch.  That baby must have been deeeeeep. It actually hurts most when I try to lay down, weird.

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Kristin said...

so do you lay on it and roll back and forth? maybe I should get Chris one. Can't believe they haven't locked up those little delinquents yet.