Monday, July 9, 2007

El Scorcho's wild ride

I have had a couple of questions about this jump pic from the post titled "Who's a loser" so here is the answer as to how the air is accomplished. The photographer is laying on the ground and the rock right behind the bush is tilted just enough to launch you a looooong way if you are going fast enough.

Here is a couple more with commentary to boot.

This is one of my favorites, photo credit going to Ben Gerhet. This is on a trail we call The Barrels, as we come down this wash we are doing approx warp speed 5 and you can really lean into this corner if you have gumption. I keep hoping Sarah will make a full size poster of this and surprise me with it.

I call this the gap with consequences. No picture on earth will do this stunt justice. You have to come in on the rock you see on to the left but it is not straight entry. In the first pic there is a corner just 4-5 feet before lift off so you come in goofy requiring a mid air tail whip to come down the tilted rock without carnage.

Let me introduce you to "the wall ride" Gooseberry Mesa rules!

This is out in Moab, it's the same stunt from two different angles so you can see the distance required to avoid facial reconstructive surgery. This extra credit line also has a tricky entry, I have it on video some where but I will save for another post.

The waterfall at Little Creek Mesa. Again a multiple move stunt that is really a lot of fun, I think the multi shot gives you a good idea of what is happening. Photo by a guy that came to ride with us from L.A. named Myl. His buddy David fell of at the top where the guy is standing and piled his head into the tree on the left....he was ok so it was funny, really stupid but funny.

Side note; the guy standing in the pic is Mike Curiak , he comes out to ride with us about twice a year. He is a great guy with an incredible story and an absolute hammer on a bike. Take some time to check him out.


Sara Anne said...

Wow! That's some amazing riding! Don't you get somewhat scared sometimes?

Michelle & Steve said...

Cool pictures. I'm sure you probably have some similar pictures of me when you took me riding a couple years ago - you should post those too!