Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tour de St. George

I rode in the Tour de St. George on the 20th of October. This is the most difficult of the St. George area century rides with about 5300 ft. of climbing. This is also the last big ride of the year.

The weather was perfect until the wind picked up around mile 87, we toughed it out and finished in 5hrs 22min ride time.

Sarah says I am looking thinner. Maybe I need to ride by the photographers next to fat people.


Sarah Weston said...

I lied Porko. You are huge. I was just trying to make you feel better. If you want to look small, try riding next to the mountain.

annebabe said...

ouch, the truth hurts. i think you look buff in your biking attire. how you are riding your bike with your knee so screwed up is beyond me. who knew chewing gum, duct tape and inertia could last so long?

Daniel and Sara said...

You've been tagged! Go to our post and see what you have to do!