Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why don't I live in Moab?

Off to Moab for another century ride, this one benefitting the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
I dragged along my old buddies Dusty and Chris so I didn't have to have dinner alone. We did some 4 wheeling on friday in Dustin's Jeep and they did some more on Saturday while I took a ride. Sorry no photos.

The ride started off a little cold and rainy, I will admit that I should have worn more clothes.

Yours truelly powering up a hill past a bunch of chicks.

There were some other local celebs representing. Kelly and Sally looking smooth.

After about 20 miles riding along the Colorado River the 100 mile course takes a turn up the Castle Valley Road with a 16 mile climb into the La Sal mountains.

This is what the road normally looks like. The scenery is absolutely stunning.

This is a picture of Preist and Nuns formation as seen on Saturday.

The hill got progressively steeper and the weather progressively worse. At the top we were at an altitude of 6800 ft. and it was snowing. I think I mentioned that I should have worn more clothes.
The last pitch was an 18% grade, for the record I think that is as steep as I can pedal. Many people were walking and/or hurling.

I nearly froze to death on the way back down the hill. It was as miserable as I have ever been on a bike.

The scenery continued to be so amazing I kept wondering how come I only come to Moab twice a year. I would live there if I could make a living.

This is a shot from 30,000 feet of the Colorado River and the town of Moab

Here is a bunch more eye candy. Enjoy

Note to my wife; please bury me here.


Barb & Sean said...

Holy cow! How gorgeous is that scenery? I've never been to Moab, because I don't count driving through as being there. We've got to get there one of these days!

Michelle & Steve said...

Maybe they need dentists in Moab. We should look into that. Those are amazing pictures! St. George has probably made you a little wimpy...I remember the days when snow was the best time of the year - snow forts, skitching on the back of your truck, etc.!

Sarah Weston said...

Bury you in the river?