Thursday, January 10, 2008

Goodbye dear friend

It is time to say goodbye to an old friend. I bought this bike in the spring of 01' just after Sarah and I moved to St. George. I was technically unemployed at the time and had a lot of free time which I spent exploring the area on this trusty steed. This is the photo I am posting on ebay.

I love this bike. Here we are in happier times

I replaced her two years ago with the newer model. There is a joke here about wives but I will leave it to the readers imagination. So for two years she has sat in my garage and I felt that it was time to give her a new home.
The newer model will also be sold this year, I don't have nearly the same emotional attachments to that bike. Somebody just needs to cart it away. I will be replacing that bike with a lighter Cross Country bike that will not tempt me into doing things like the picture above.

I will end with a quote by Thoreau “There is no remedy for love but to love more.” So I will go and find a new bike, one that I can love again to erase the pain of seeing this one go.
Goodbye dear friend.


Sarah said...

It is a love affair for the ages. I am thrilled that I am loved as much (or maybe slightly more) than biking. I am not sure many women could say the same . . .

Barb & Sean said...

I know I am bike-illiterate, but is that top picture seriously the one you put on e-bay? You sell the bike with no tires or handlebars? Seriously!? I have to say, looking at it in that form, I can't empathize with your attachment.

El Scorcho said...

I seriously sold that frame for 500 bucks on eBay in about 6 minutes. If you can't see the value then you are the guy that Walmart is looking for, $150 for a complete bike that weighs 50lbs and would fall apart in one day of riding.

Sara Anne said...

You know, I'm somewhat bike illiterate myself but that was a truly touching post! Thanks for the view into your heart Mark! (He, he, he.)