Monday, January 7, 2008


Last weekend Duane and Sallie Sullivan went with Sarah and I on our suggestion to a new restaurant located in the new strip mall over by Costco. It had advertised itself to have "authentic Brazilian food." I have to admit that I did not know that they do not have salt and pepper in Brazil or any other spices for that matter.
I will not call the restaurant by name but it sounds a lot like Barfalo's, I could tell that the owner and proprietor was working very hard to make sure that our experience was enjoyable. He maybe should have done some pre-opening taste/consumer tests. The beans and rice would have tested in the lower tier.

As unsavory as that meal was, the Cold Stone Creamery never disappoints as we retired back to our house to watch the DVD provided to us of the spectacle that was our New Years Party.
If you have not seen that footage you need to get ahold of someone with a copy and laugh yourself silly. My two faves; Bob Lamareaux's absolute commitment to a great idea and Steve Layton's dance moves complete with facial expressions, priceless.

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Sarah said...

Barfolo's . . . yummm. Love that place.