Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Arrival

Well after much anticipation our newest arrival is finally here.
Everyone say hello to the Niner R.I.P 9
RIP short for "Roll In Peace." This stellar machine was voted bike of the year by mtbr. The Niner name is in reference to the usage of 29" wheels. Most bikes have 26" wheels so these would be bigger.
The parts are rolling in from all over the globe and I should have the shake down cruise sometime next week.

Here she is resting gently in my office chair.

Stay tuned for the fully built photos along with a complete list of components.
I'm sure you are all giddy.


stace said...

wow...I can barely contain my enthusiasm. Glad to see she warrants a seat in the leather chair.

Michelle & Steve said...

I'm glad she's a SHE - I don't think your family can handle any more testosterone!

Lynette said...

Giddy doesn't describe it...

Sarah said...

And it looks even better in person. Wanna model it for me?