Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Unvieling

Here is the new ride fully built, if you look close in this photo you can see Megan's head as she is admiring the shiny red parts.

Notice the smooth cable routings I did
for the front and rear deraillers. Yes those housings are Avid Flak Jackets.

Now all I need is a photo shoot with Racy Straw. I think a couple in black and white would be stunning.


stace said...

I was going to ask if those were avid flak jackets...

and I am envisioning a shoot next to an old barn to contrast the old with the new and shiny. many possibilities.

Sarah said...

I was looking really hard for Meg's head in that first photo-- I thought maybe it was a reflection in the shiny red; but I finally figured it out. Dumb me.

Diane said...

Beautiful. Just Beautiful! Let us know how much faster you go.