Sunday, June 8, 2008

1x9 chain love

It's official, I have removed the front derailler from my bike making it a 1x9 speed scooter. In layman's terms, I no longer have the option of shifting between the 3 chainrings up front. I removed the biggest ring about 4 years ago and have been hanging on to the "granny gear" for reasons that I can't explain. I never really used it so I removed it.

Secondly the devil has again used the internet for his own evil purposes. May I present One killer bike deal available at a time until it is gone. If I had any money I would have spent thousands since they opened the site on last Monday. I must check the site about 30 times a day, I would hate to miss a single item.
So if you are looking for a good gift for yours truelly you can find everything I want at one place and it's cheap too.


stace said...

holy took your chain thing off!!

farmgirl said...

So apparently there are layman's terms and bike-stuff-for-dummies terms. I fall into the latter catagory, but way to go all the same.

Diane said...

With all the parts you've taken off your bike, you could open your own on-line site. "Mark's Mega-Mountain Bike & Metal"...What do you think?