Monday, June 16, 2008

Little Creek

The first day I ever rode a mountain bike was the same day Princess Di cashed it in. August 31, 1997. I was with the two guys who got me into the sport, Dusty and Chris. We were in Durango CO with our wives visiting Mesa Verde and camping out. We rode a 30+ mile trail in named the La Hermosa trail. I completely destroyed the piece of junk bike that I had bought, cramped up so bad that I still have bad dreams about it and had a great time.
We met our wives at Pizza Hut for the apre ride meal where they told us about the unfortunate passing of Lady Di. We still talk about that day every year when the news starts to remember the anniversary of her death but we remember it for a different reason.
The three of us are rarely able to get together to ride, neither one of them has kept up with the sport the way that I have but with some not so gentle coaxing from me we made it happen last week at Little Creek Mesa.
None of my pictures turned out very well, what I really need is for Racy Straw to just follow me around and document the minutia of my life. Every thing looks better thru her lens.

Dustin hiding in the shade.

Looking north towards Little Creek Mesa and Virgin

I wanted to get a shot of the huge area of slick rock, this doesn't do it justice and you have to look really close to see Johnson bringing up the rear. In his defense, he forgot his shoes and rode the whole day in running shoes on clipless pedals....ridiculously hard.

Another shot of Dusty, this time on his bike.

Probably not this year due to the sudden increase in my families proportions but next year I am going to plan a trip with these yahoos back toDurango at the end of August. I hope no one dies.


Michelle & Steve said...

It would be really cool if you could get a couple of those baby seats to attach to the back of your bike. Then all three of you could hook one up and Jane, Roxy, and Veronica could go along for the ride in Durango. Now that would be a great memory, and it would give you an idea of how good of friends those two really are...!

Sarah said...

I remember that trip too. I especially remember the crappy 4-wheeling that we did to get to Hole-in-the-Rock. I still have a headache from that trip.

Michelle & Steve said...

Hey, Mark - what is your email? Every time I email you, it gets returned to me. I just went private with my blog and I know how important it is for you to keep up on my life so I know you want an invitation. Get my a current email address.

Diane said...

Mark-Is that picture at the top of your blog from the house you just sold? It looked familiar...