Saturday, December 27, 2008

Watching people sing is painfull

Nobody came to my door this year caroling, come to think of it nobody came last year either. Has this tradition jumped the shark or just in my neighborhood? I have to admit I am kind of glad, think back to the last time carolers came to your door. You were enjoying a quiet evening at home with your family when this shows up at your door.

So to be nice you stand there letting all the cold air in watching people try to revive a tired tradition from the days before we had radio, CD's or Ipod's. I have to admit I have always felt uncomfortable watching people sing up close like that. Especially when they don't sing well but I am pretty sure you could put me in a room with Pavarotti and I would feel the same way.

So I googled caroling and apparently it is still a viable Christmas tradition in many parts of the world. In fact I found a website that teaches you how to put on your own Caroling Party.

Here are the high points;

Invite friends who really enjoy singing ' on key, that is. Members of a church choir or other singing group would be perfect.
Invite other friends who can't hold a tune. Tell them they can help decorate your tree, so they won't feel they have to sing. Chances are they'll join in the caroling anyway.
Ask guests to bring their favorite scarves, hats and mittens to get the right look.
Buy books of Christmas carols for your guests. Make sure everyone will have a copy since many people do not know every verse to every carol.
Make candle holders by poking holes into paper plates if you plan to carol outside. Slide the candles through the paper plate. These candles will provide light so people can read the lyrics.

I would like to add my own step 6; Be sure to make eye contact with the people to whom you are singing to ensuring true and total discomfort.

The very mediocre band Blink 182 came out with a Christmas song a few years ago that has been a staple in our house since I found it. If you are already offended by this post and believe that caroling is fun and enjoyed by all, feel free to navigate away from this page and go no further.
04 BLINK 182 - I Won't be Home for Christmas

04 BLINK 182 - I Won't be Home for Christmas from

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas with or without the carolers.


Chris said...

Bubba did what...?

farmgirl said...

You crack me up. Could this be one of the posts you've been holding on to for fear of a public tar and feathering?
For the record we had a few carolers this year- none of which were wearing scarves, hand muffs or carrying candles stuck in a paper plate- but carolers still the same. Obviously they didn't do as much research as you.
I think my favorites were the four super annoying ones that serenaded us at 4:30 on Christmas morning...for 45 minutes.

Sara Anne said...

Ummm . . . I liked step---I don't remember, but the one about everybody bringing their favorite scarves to get the right look--because the look is really the important part.

Michelle & Steve said...

This song is a staple at my house too - all because of you. Remember when you let me have your Feliz Navidad CD? I still have it and listen to it every year!