Saturday, January 10, 2009

Worst ever

For lack of any really important or interesting topics I give you this, if you make it all the way through you are stronger than I.

I posted it and I can't make it all the way through

I have seen better film on teeth.



Mike S said...

I made it to 1:38. Is this what a lobotomy feels like?

farmgirl said...

WHAT. IS. THAT???? Where do you come up with these things and seriously, is that for real? You really should watch it all the way through- it only gets better.

Chris said...

You think Hasseloff is hard to watch, check out Bill Shatner.

Don't give up...the train wreck just keeps getting bigger.

annebabe said...

i am now dumber for having seen that. his moves, his voice, the back-ground, its all just swimming in my head. make it stop.

Sarah said...

I kept waiting for someone to come one and say it was a joke--- but no one ever came. OH MY. I think the Hoff was serious. I hear he's big in Germany.