Friday, March 27, 2009

As I write this I am on hold with XM radio. This is the third time in 60 days that I have had the same conversation with them. The problem is with my online access, when you have a radio connected in your vehicle you are able to access the radio via your computer. In the past this was always a free service but at the beginning of the year they decided to charge more for the online radio. The charge was a nominal $2.50 per year for existing customers so I signed up because the local radio here is an absolute joke. I'm pretty sure this is where DJ's go to die or is just a quick stop before being flushed out the bottom of the industry.
Back to the problem at hand, my online service has been off for a month. I pay them more money and they turn off my radio and as of yet they are unable to get me back to the regularly scheduled program. I am ready to crawl through the phone and eat thier face, Hannibal Lecter style.

There is really no reason for this post other than to rant.

The end.


Daniel said...

If you are fed up with them there is another (free) online "radio" station that I love, You choose an artist/song and it will create a station that has similar music, then you vote (thumbs up or down) if it's something you like. Eventually it gets to the point where it only plays the stuff you like. Try it out.

annebabe said...

are there other purposes for a blog? because in my mind, they are just for ranting and posting occasional cute baby pics. in my head, i have written no less than one hundred "mason will be the death of me yet" posts. let it all out baby, let it all out on the ol' bloggy blog.

Sarah said...

Your XM tragedy is heartbreaking. I hope it resolves soon.