Friday, April 3, 2009

Redemption and conversion

I decided to give the boys a chance to redeem themselves this morning at Gooseberry Mesa. I still drove my own car because I refuse to be burned again by their antics. That being said they were Johnny on the spot today and we had a great ride. I was on the Single Speed of course and they had their big bikes. They almost kept up..........not really.

It was a little chilly and threatening rain. This is Ben, he will be leaving our fare city for more school at the first of May. Via con Dios buddy.

Shot of Jimmy and Ben at the point.

Jimmy showing the kind of stuff that pushed me to get a different bike. That shot is almost straight down.

I have also recently converted two of my bretheren to the Singlespeed 29er.

This is Kurt climbing the tortuous new trail at the Barrel Roll. 15 switchbacks to get to the summit of this suffer fest. He was riding my old bike and I let him try the SS for about a half mile and he was hooked, I believe that he placed his order for a new ride today.

This is Duane who also tried my SS last week, here he is riding the bike that he bought the next day. I think he also put his name on the list for a Coconino. Duane is my new BFF.


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I just got caught up on some of your recent posts. Loved the first one about Gooseberry Mesa. Awesome pictures. Now just find us a practice.