Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tres Mesas

So yesterday I finally finished a goal that I had set earlier in the year to link together 3 trails on 3 different mesas and do it single speed. The three trails in order are Zen, Race Course/ Barrel and the Barrel Roll. Zen is the hardest so you do that one first, it has a 25 minute grinding, technical climb that I have to stand up virtually the whole way. The other two trails are easier but after Zen beats you to a pulp the difficulty level goes up. Total mileage is a little over 23.

This turned out to be one of those times when I really wished I had a camera but my children have now demolished 2 digital cameras leaving me with none. So here are the highlights of the top 5 things that I saw yesterday. In no particular order;

1. Steve was to meet me at the trail head at 5:30am. He showed up with his Volkswagon leaking oil. He had removed the drain plug from his oil pan on a rock coming up the hill. This was funny to everyone not named Steve. He chose to skip the ride in favor of getting his car off the hill.

2. Snake, big snake with rattles. I was using lights and I almost ran right over the bugger, scared me nearly to death.

3. Sunrise over Zion National Park. We have a couple small fires burning in the county that turned the sunrise a beautiful red color.

4. The demise of both my bike pump that I have had for over 8 years. (you all know how attached I get to my tools) and my fork. There is a chance that it is fixable but this is the first ride after having the shop give it the once over and it was worse than ever.

5. I did save the best for last, it was still very dark and I came across a burning truck. That's right, someone had set a circa 1995 Nissan truck afire. The Car-B-Q had been burning for some time because the metal was glowing a dull orange. I looked inside to see if there was a body but it was empty, as I rolled on I pondered whether or not to call the authorities, as I deliberated I heard a siren getting closer so I am guessing that they found it. Why would someone burn a truck?

Sorry about I don't have any pictures. Blogs are boring without pictures.

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Michelle & Steve said...

I wish you did have a camera with you - all 5 would have been good to see...