Monday, October 12, 2009

Moab 24 hours

This past February I got a new bike, you can read about it here if you need a refresher. After riding the Single Speed for a few weeks I knew that I was hooked, I also decided that I would like another crack at the 24 hrs of Moab. I rode it about 5 yrs ago totally under prepared, on a 35lb full suspension bike and generally did not enjoy myself.
So this year I put together an all SS team of local all stars, John, Jon, Steve and yours truly. I found a description of the course on youtube, hopefully you can make it thru the entire 6 minutes.

I would agree with most of what that guy says, it was less sandy this year but he down plays the technical parts of the trail. Here is a picture of the infamous "nose dive" section.

Here is the official map. If you have another 6 minutes you can watch another great video here. It gives you a much better idea of what the race looks and feels like.

The rest of the guys decided that they were going to use a decommissioned Oasis Resort shuttle bus as the RV/ support vehicle. As soon as I heard the description of the converted van I knew that I had better find another mode of transport. I chose wisely, it took them over 9 hrs to make the 5hr drive, apparently the bus is not fast.

Here is a shot of camp and the bus in all her glory.

First lap; Jon was our leadout man. He broke out the secret weapon, his sweet Hot Rod suit. It takes a big man to wear something like that.

It takes an even bigger man to dress like this guy. He really puts the "glad" in Gladiator.

Dressing like a goofball is a time honored tradition at the 24hr races. There was one team that had Nacho Libre type masks that they wore for most of the event.

The race has a le mans type start where the competitors have to run about 300 yards then jump on their bikes to start the first lap. It really is something to behold.

Notice the Gladiator out in front.

A shot of the tent city looking south.

The start of lap #2, the worst lap for me personally, my best lap time wise was at 3am. I was awoken after an hour of sleep by my teammates who decided they wanted to switch up the order in order to give themselves a little more rest time. I have very little memory of that lap. I know I was cold and hurrying to be done, I do remember the girl who wrecked in front of me and snapped her carbon handle bar right in half. I stopped to help and she asked me if I had any tape. Tape??

Night lap.

Here is a short clip of me rolling in on the last lap.

I really had a great time, so good in fact that I signed up this morning for the 24 hrs of Old Pueblo in Tucson, February 13th of next year. I would like to take Sarah with me so if any of you are available on Presidents Day weekend to come and watch my kids let me know.


Michelle & Steve said...

unbelievable. Some of us will probably never do a 24 hr. race. I'm glad I can hear about it through your experience. Next time you'll probably carry tape right next to your flat repair stuff.

Diane said...

Me. I am available to come watch your kids.

Arlo & Kara said...

we made it through all 6minutes of the first clip- sound cool. riding at night must be tough