Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chance of shower

This morning after I finished another great ride with good friends, good trails, good weather and great views I headed in to wash off the current layer of So. Utah.
I like my shower, I like it a lot. No door that I have to clean, 2 shower heads and travertine as far as the eye can see, including the ceiling.
Everybody has a shower routine and mine starts with shampoo. As I reached for it I realized that there were 2 different kinds, now I am used to that because my quite fetching bride gets tired of one type before the bottle is empty and she leaves it to me to finish it off. The same goes for conditioner and shower soap/gel. I really think it's a fine arrangement. However, this morning I started counting how many different materials where lined up in my shower. Here is the list;

2 shampoo
3 conditioner
4 body washes
2 loofahs
1 back scrubbing brush
1 bar of Irish Spring (that ones mine)
3 facial cleansers
2 razors
1 non abrasive shower cleaner complete w/ scrub brush

Now I ask you, does your shower look like that or is it just mine? I don't need all that, I do appreciate the cleanliness and all the fragrant deliciousness, but I have showered before with just a bar of Dial soap. It's a little harder to work into a lather but it will clean your hair in a pinch.

I guess I should just be glad that I have got the girls to stop interrupting as much as before, just suck it up and finish off the bottles like a good lad.

Next time maybe we can discuss the "nails on a chalkboard" effect I feel when you see how toothpaste is squeezed, spilled, left uncapped and corrupted at my place...... good stuff I know.

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Michelle & Steve said...

Thanks for posting a follow-up to your previous shower post. They really are quite entertaining. And really - don't forget to post about the toothpaste, it'll be classic I'm sure...