Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain rain go away.

It has been raining here in the StG for 5 straight days, I hate the rain. I don't hate the rain in it's falling state, maybe I hate it when its just water laying on the ground turning the trails to mud. So I guess I hate mud and I just blame the rain for its role in the transmutation.
Living in So. Utah has made me a bit soft when it comes to inclement weather. The local tourist board touts that we have 364 golfing days a year, they obviously find themselves quite clever.
I continue to tell myself that if I had the right clothing I would ride in the nasty stuff. Sarah scoffs at this logic and of course she is right, I am never going out when precipitation is falling from the sky.
I have been riding in the cold, and when I say cold I mean cold for me. Cold to me is under 30 degrees so to all you tough guys that ride in sub 0 weather with rain and snow I admit you are infinitely more ProCore than I. My question to you is why do you live there?

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