Tuesday, May 25, 2010

440 Invitational

This year I am extremely excite t0 bring to you the inaugural running of the **440 INVITATIONAL** on October 23.

The race will cover all your favorite local trails including; Zen, Race Course, Rim Runner, Stucki Springs, and The Barrel Roll for a total mileage of nearly 40 Miles and 5800 feet of climbing.
4 Mesas + 40 Miles = 440

So if you think you are up to the challenge you can I will need your name and an email address. You can leave it for me in the comments on this blog or here or here. There are only 25 spots available and I will be using a 3rd party website to randomly choose the participants. An invitation will then be sent to you via email.
Volunteers can also contact me at the same locations.

Fees this year are a whopping $15. Once you have received your invitation, your RSVP and fees must be in my hand by August 28th or your slot will be forfeit. I take cash and Paypal, instructions will be sent along with the invitation.

Sign up will be from June 1 thru July 31. Invites will be sent out by August 7 so if you don't see it in your inbox by then--too bad for you, better luck next year.

There are only 2; Single Speed and Geared. (I wanted to call it "gear assisted" but I would hate to offend the geary peeps.)

You can pick up you packet at Sunset Cycles in St. George on Friday the 22nd between 5-7 pm or at the event before 8am.
There will be a mandatory racers meeting at 8am at the start/finish line.

Race starts at 8:30. First one back wins

Lunch will be provided starting at 1pm.

The start/finish will be near the Barrel Roll trail head. Parking is limited so carpool if you can and reduce your carbon footprint.
From Santa Clara Drive cross the river at the bridge across from the Jacob Hamblin Home. Go up the hill toward the water tank, the start/finish is just beyond the tank on the left.

Maps are brought to you by Topofusion, the color Orange and the number 13.
The course will also be marked with flags.

Don't cheat
Ask to pass
Be kind to others
Don't litter
Be awesome

Taunting is OK where socially acceptable.

The winner of each category will get an engraved belt buckle and a lifetime slot for the 440.


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