Sunday, June 27, 2010

Failures in the Kaibab

We took the annual run out to the Rainbow Rim Trail this past weekend, we had a group of 8 this year after a few of the amigos bailed on me. (You know who you are and your dead to me.)
We parked at the Locust Point trail head and then did a down and back to Paraswampits, had lunch back at the vehicles before heading out to Timp. I think this may be the preferred route from now on.

I had great plans this year of taking my new HD helmet cam and making a spectacular offering for your enjoyment. However, due completely to user interface, I have an hour of excellent footage shot upside down. Arrrrgg, I will continue to effort towards inverting the clips but I wouldn't hold my breath.
So with a dearth of video footage I do have a few screen shots that I was able to flip. Landscapes show up OK but pictures of people/action just blurs.

Example A: trail shot--reasonable quality

Example B: Marshall in action--blury

I did take one still shot at the North Timp lookout. This is the whole group sans the kid who doesn't like to stop. All good guys except the two on the right who are of questionable moral character. Notice the upside down camera on my helmet.

A couple of more shots I salvaged to try and show the epic nature of this trail. No pictures do justice to the scope and scale of the Grand Canyon.

In order to redeem myself I may need another trip out, this time taking extra precaution to put the camera the right way.


Lynette and Anthony said...

Upsidedown footage might be more exciting and more of how it really is.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

Word - I am in for a recon trip. Amazing bit of trail out there.

annebabe said...

It was that virtual Mark, wasn't it? He's such a punk, doesn't even know how to put on a helmet cam.

DW said...

My first attempt at HD cam footage was sideways - just as bad as upside down, imo.

Let me know if a sequel trip gets planned for this year.