Monday, July 5, 2010

Book Club

There is nothing better than being in the middle of reading a great book and knowing that you have another one waiting on deck. Over the years I have read everything that Lee Child puts to paper and I have never been disappointed. His Character, Jack Reacher is my absolute favorite pulp hero, the perfect mix of wit, intrigue, intelligence and brute strength. Is it possible to have a "man crush" on a fictional character??

I recently scored 11 of his books on the Ebay for $12+ shipping. Happy Birthday to me. I have started reading them all again and they are as good as I remember. I currently am half way thru the collection, reading a book about every 4-5 days.

Here's the whole list;

I believe my favorite would be The Enemy. A prequel to the other books, set when Reacher is still in the military.

Number 2 in my heart is One Shot.

Pick up any of these titles but be prepared to have to read them all. But a word to all my female readers (2?) these books are never going to make it to Oprah's book list. Reacher is never bogged down with a lot of "feelings" or "internal conflict." I wouldn't call him emotionally stunted but I am adopted so what do I know.
My kinda guy, my kinda books.


Diane said...

I'm going to call the library right now and see if they have any...let you know what I think. I'm ready for a new read!

Sara Anne said...

You totally have more than 2 female readers in your family alone!

Hot Mom said...

You and Tom are going to have to fight over him because totally has a thing for Jack Reacher. Sarah turned us on to there books last year and we have read them all.