Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I know what I am

I like bike racing, but there is one major flaw in my plan for total domination......I am not fast.
I wish I was fast but if you have seen me you know that I am not built for speed. Maybe short bursts of speed but long term endurance, that ain't me.
I sign myself up for long endurance events in order to scare myself into training more and keep away the doldrums that I run into during the year. This past weekend I competed in the 6 Hrs of Frog Hollow. I raced Solo and Single Speed and came in 4th, wait for it.......out of 6.

Middle of the pack is where I live and I am OK with that. I think that I enjoy the planning and the training for the race more than the race itself, mostly because that is the only day that I have to endure the company of "Racer Guy." Racer Guy still thinks that someday he will be discovered for the true talent that he is, instead of an aging, angry, tool bag.

As you can see I started out slow and then tapered off. I was having gastrointestinal trouble and felt pretty terrible before lap #4. I ate half a PB&H to try and settle my stomach before heading out, I saw that sandwich again 25 minutes later. Why do you always feel better after exporting cargo?

What is Team Taciturn? I am glad you asked, Taciturn defined is; aloof, antisocial, brooding, clammed up, close,closemouthed, cold, curt, distant, dour, laconic, mum, mute, quiet, reserved,reticent, sententious, silent, sparing, speechless,tight-lipped, unexpressive, unforthcoming,withdrawn
In other words, I don't want to be on your team racer boy.

My 13yr old daughter came along as pit crew, moral support and photographer. In my haste I put the helmet cam on upside down again, thanks to the little misses for sorting that out.
Shot the vid on lap three which I rode completely alone, I think I saw one other rider, just the way I like it.


Kristin said...

I read this to Chris, and he said,
"Aw Mark, that's why I love you."

I very much enjoy your witty prose. And I hate that 'racer guy' already.

Michelle & Steve said...

this post has me laughing...I love that you accept being "middle of the pack." Pretty awesome feeling to know what you are and be fine with it.

PS - check my blog for some photos of the progress on the practice...