Friday, October 1, 2010

Going Old School

The fall has finally begun here in the StG. Temps are lessening, the days are shorter, and we are looking at 7 days of intermittent rain.
I usually really like the fall but this year it is also the fall of my 39th year on this planet. Shouldn't I have amounted to more by now? 40 sure used to sound a lot older.

I ran across this gem from 2006 when this young man's fancy had turned to riding bigger travel and riding off and down the nastiest stuff I could find. Oh how times change. Knee surgeries will take the fight right out of you.
Big ups to Bob the Wheelbuilder for putting this together, I will forever have documented proof that I rode "Upper Body Bag"(5:55) and "Lower Body Bag"(2:42)
Most of he guys involved have moved on to other endeavors, sorry for all the inside jokes, I appear as CGR.....long story.


DW said...

You gotta miss being something other than 39.

El Scorcho said...

D- I still say youth is wasted on the young.