Sunday, March 27, 2011


You may remember this post from about a month ago, well race day came and went yesterday and Karma seems to have reared it's ugly head. You see, rain + dirt = mud and from what I understand there was plenty of the thick and sticky variety to be found.

I ran into a friend from High School who was down for the race, he said that he and his buddies hiked for miles carrying thier bike because the wheels would no longer spin due to the mud.
Out of 170 entrants they had a total of 12 finishers, thats a total of 158 DNF's !  158 people who laid down between $80-$125 to go hiking in the mud.....that's a shame.

I will admit there is no schadenfreude in my soul, (for those of you who went to community college you can google that and use it as your "word of the day.") I actually feel sorry for Cimmeron who really went to a lot of effort to put on a big event, not to mention that her livelihood depends on having successful races. I said it before  that I do like her and plan on participating in her Frog Hollow 25 race hr in the fall.

Remember that you can ride the 440 for free this year, I will be including more categories this year. Women's and a 40+ category just for me. And if it rains we can all go home and live to fight another day.

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