Friday, February 25, 2011

Intellectual property?

You may remember this post from last year, well I think I found out exactly who tried to shut down the 440,  along with the "why." A race promoter here (GRO Promotions) in St.George just posted this as their newest "Epic 50 Mile Race." I am a little nonplussed by the nomenclature GRO,  did that name just come to you one night when you were out on the town, maybe at the local Cinemaplex?

If you take time to look at the course info/maps and understand what you are looking at, you would notice that they have taken my 440 course, added a few junk miles including some pavement to get to the magic number of 50.
They are asking an incredible $85 per person to ride, heaven forbid you sign up late because then they will charge you an extra 40 of your hard earned dollars. This is one of my problems with doing events in my own city; why should I pay money to ride something that I can go ride any day of the week?
The second problem is that I actually like these guys, they also put on The 25 Hrs of Frog Hollow which was good fun and I think they try hard to put on an enjoyable event.  I was actually looking to hook up with a larger promoter to do the 440 event in 2011, all they had to do was ask.

Charles Caleb Colton once said "imitation is the sincerest flattery." So I guess I should take some solace in the fact that my 440 idea had enough legs that somebody would want to steal it. That sure warms the old cockles.

Just remember that you can come ride the 440 for exactly Z E R O dollars this next fall, come and try to beat the Brothers Rock.  We will have a women's class this year and maybe a 40+ category just for me.

So best of luck to the Grit and to GRO, this is a really difficult course that has potential to bring in a lot of people but just so you know, in my own head I am going to be taking the credit.

BTW, I wrote this post 3 different times trying not to sound too bitter, I think I almost made it.


Sabrosa Cycles said...

wait a second now - didn't I finsih DFL on trueGRIT just last year? now it is about to be launched? what? are there vessels or shuttles involved. i must need more caffeine in my diet.

"i can do nothin' for ya, son."

Kristin said...


(I think you sounded very PC)