Friday, April 15, 2011

The Naming Cave

I was bumping around the modern miracle that is Google Earth and I came across two 360 degree photos by Don Manion entitled "Naming Cave." This could be the coolest technology I have seen in a while.  He had located them in the middle of Gunlock Reservoir, I can only assume that he did that to keep the location somewhat secret. I guess he didn't figure the human gps would have a go at sleuthing it out.
There was enough information provided in this first photo to triangulate what I thought to be the location.

Utah's Southwest Desert in Utah

My first attempt was foiled by a tire malfunction so I tried again this morning and 12 miles from pavement, a hike-a-bike section and some deep sand I rode my trusty steed straight to the cave.  Accessing the cave is not terribly difficult but Sidi never had hiking sandstone in mind when they made my bike shoes so I ascended the climb in my woolie socks.
Over the millenia a giant slab of sandstone sheared off from the ceiling and the Indians used it as their sketch pad. There is also a fire area in one corner where the smoke escapes vertically thru a crack in the rock.

Naming Cave in Utah

From the cave mouth, see the bike in the center.

Close ups. The cave has kept these images in great condition.

The cave from just outside

I have no idea why Don called it The Naming Cave, I can find no reference to it any other place.

Guided tours by appointment.


Kristin said...

12 miles? Ugh. I'm out. Dang. Unless you have some kind of trailer you can drag me in on? No? Bummer. That is really cool. Maybe those pictographs are the 'names' of their artists?

Sabrosa Cycles said...

I'm in.

shawn & bekah said...

Wow. That was cool... got a little dizzy looking at the 360 stuff. Pretty.

owlhoot said...

I was involved in the 360 shoot with Don, and together we decided to leave the exact location secret due to evidence of vandalism. I was his guide and took him to the site as well as another. I am featured in another shoot... Mitch Cole desert explorer. Good job ferreting out the location! As far as the name goes, that is what it was called when I was introduced to it back in 1995, but it may have some other local name I am unaware of.

Mark said...

Hooter, I was fine with not knowing the exact location. I enjoy a good treasure hunt.
Do you have anything else out there I can go find... as few details as possible please.

owlhoot said...

Look for the area in his desert explorer panorama. There is an excellent narrow gap to hike through, much like you would see in Zion's.

Whitney Houseton said...

Hey, my name is Whitney Houston, no I'm not back from the dead. I'm actually male and couldn't sing if my life depended on it. Anyway, I would love to go on some kind of guided tour to this place. I'm a photographer and have made it my hobby to seek and find obscure petroglyph/pictograph sites and have actually found some places that aren't published. These petroglyphs look a lot like ones my cousin showed me as a boy in the Snow Canyon area. Anyways I would very much like to visit this place. I would even pay to see it. I value these sacred areas very much and keep stuff like this secret. My email is or my phone is 435 559-4096. I hope to hear from you!