Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Day on the White Rim

Last year a friend of mine attempted the infamous RAWROD. Do not google that! It stands for Ride Around White Rim One Day. I don't want to call his attempt a failure because he is a loyal reader and a dear friend but my lexicon is not large enough to come up with another word. Sorry D.
He then asked me if I would join him for a 2011 attempt and I agreed with a hearty "I'll do it if you do it." Indubitably that phrase has lead to much pain and anguish since the invention of the English language.  

Our merry band was supposed to be 7-8 members strong with a support staff of one. Big ups to CJ for his willingness to do the SAG duties. 
Without going into too much detail, weather, scheduling conflicts and plain old softness reduced our numbers to just 2 participants. Can you be a merry band with only 2 people?

CJ's 14 year old son came along and did ride the first 6 miles with us before he piled it up and broke 3 spokes of the rear tire and received numerous scrapes and bruises. You will see that later on in the program.

The White Rim is an 84 mile jeep road built by the Uranium industry around what is now the "Island in the Sky" National Park. So named for the exposed white sandstone exposed over the eons.  We rode in a clockwise manner from Shafer to Mineral Bottom.

There are no pictures or narrative that can aptly describe the vastness and grandeur of the WR. 

I did bring my helmet cam to try and record the events, I am becoming more and more disgruntled with the whole set up and you may see the camera on Ebay before too long. The software is iffy and as I have said before, a fully rigid bike makes a lousy platform for video that doesn't make you nauseous.
I had to slow down the clips to 75-80% of regular speed to make them watchable. I hope you like Cat Stevens.

 So BK and I hammered it out riding side by side like Ponch and Jon cruising the So. Cal highways of the early 80's.  I got to be Ponch because I habla the Espanol.
Leaving out the Murphy's Hogback and Hardscrabble climbs it's an easy ride, with grand and ever changing vistas around every corner.
After 78 miles the sand and wind had taken it's toll on me and I opted out of climbing out of Mineral Bottom, that piece of road is quite the feat of engineering and determination. I could also hear the fajitas calling me from La Hacienda back in Moab,

During the ride I had decided that I would never need to ride it ever again, now 3 days later and I wish I was back there now. Weird how that works.


Kristin said...

Thanks for posting the details, as I got NONE of that. I DO get to hear the wus complaining about his backside night and day though, that's been fun. Thanks also for putting up w/ him. He enjoys these 'boy' trips.

Glad you had a good time. Next year, my man will be back in the saddle... right hon? Maybe D can be the support driver.

Hasta, Ponch.

El Scorcho said...

K- your boy is welcome to come anytime. I am holding Chris' shoes hostage until you guys come down and get them.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

For those of you who don't “habla Español”, El Niño is Spanish for THE NIÑO.

No comment on not climbing out of horsethief. No comment.

Chris said...

I would love to do it next year...only if you are captain stubbing and I am gopher, Dusty can be Miss Julie.

DW said...

Damn. You ignore a guy's blog for a year, you invite him on a ride and don't show up, and he publicly rakes you through the coals. I'm very hurt.