Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day Tripper

I spent last week in the North of California, my bride had a 3 day conference in Rohnert Park and I was able to tag along. We left the kiddos at my parents so from 8 am til 4 everyday I needed some way to entertain myself while she was Moodling.  It may come as a surprise but I decided to ride my bike.

The first day I headed to Annadel State Park just outside Santa Rosa. On the way there you have to pass through the Rincon Valley for which one of my companies is named.

I saw this and had to stop, hoping I could pick up a new lid or maybe a T luck, pretty lame store.

Annadel is much larger than I thought and has an extensive trail system.

I ripped off about 18 miles the first day and saw about 1/2 of the park. There is a little bit of everything on these trails smooth, rocky, roots, woods, lakes, golden fields of grass, you get the idea.

Day two found me in the Napa Valley at the Skyline Wilderness area. Lots of climbing and old structures. 

Old house foundation.

Me getting artsy

Old Grainary?

At the far end of the trail system it almost becomes a rain forest. Everything was slippery and made for tough riding.

Day 3 I had planned to go to Tamarancho or maybe down to China Camp but Annadel was singing it's siren song and I could not resist. I hit some stuff that I did not get to on day one and I was not disappointed. The Ridge Trail was the best thing I saw all trip. I looped it twice I liked it so much. 

Only one picture, I didn't want to stop the fun.

All day on my bike and then spending the evenings with my sweetie made this a vacation to remember but it was not over yet.
I shipped my bike home and we spent the next day and half in San Francisco staying at the Palace Hotel.  I really like that town and we had a great time. Our flight home did get canceled due to mechanical problems and we had to fly home out of San Jose but it could not ruin a great week.


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Kristin said...

I love your sense of the aesthetic, always includes your bike in the photo, lol. You do lead a charmed life Mr. Weston.