Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First dirt

Admittedly I am a bike snob. So for Megan's 9th birthday I thought it would be a great idea to get her a real bike, not a pile of junk like they try to sell to the kids at Costco or Walmart. I decided on the 20" Kona Makena from my local bike shop.
Madelin has been riding Sarah's old Jamis Expert and they both have expressed an interest in doing some legitimate mountain biking with their old man. Last Saturday we took of for their first adventure in dirt on the Bearclaw Poppy Trail. We rode up the hill until they wore out and wanted to turn around.

Madelin was not as happy as Megan about the uphill but as soon as she turned around I never saw her again until the bottom.

Both girls decided that going down was worth the climb.


Diane said...

Way to go girls! What fun!

Michelle & Steve said...

What a great hobby they can have with their dad. Looks like a great time.

B& JWeston said...

I'm glad you started without the jumps but I'm sure they will work into that! Congrats to Madelin and Megan and to their Dad. Just wait until Jane and the twins get into this line-up!

Love, Dad