Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where is this?

I have a little game for you. There is enough info in this picture to tell you where it was taken.
I will need the name of the town for you to claim your prize.


Daniel said...

Here are my guesses Mark:

Rincon Rd, Hatch
Rincon Rd, Hatch, Dona Ana, NM 87937
Rincon Rd, Carpinteria
Rincon Rd, Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, CA 93013
Rincon Rd, El Sobrante
Rincon Rd, El Sobrante, Contra Costa, CA 94803
Rincon Rd, Joshua Tree
Rincon Rd, Joshua Tree, San Bernardino, CA 92252
Rincon Rd, Gonzales
Rincon Rd, Gonzales, Monterey, CA 93926
Rincon Rd, Mora
Rincon Rd, Mora, Mora, NM 87732
Rincon Rd, Bagdad
Rincon Rd, Bagdad, Yavapai, AZ 86321
Rincon Rd, Taft
Rincon Rd, Taft, San Patricio, TX

El Scorcho said...

Uhmmmmm, wrong, wrong, wrong.

Keep trying tough guy.

Michelle & Steve said...

What's my prize...I'm pretty sure I have it right...


El Scorcho said...

Sooooo close Michelle.

Close is still wrong. Sorry

Diane said...

My guess is New Harmony? I have a few other guesses, but I'm starting with this one...

Diane said...

My next guess is Scenic, Arizona....Am I right on either one?

El Scorcho said...

Sorry Di.
Michelle has been the closest so far.

Lynette said...

How about Littlefield, AZ?
- From Anthony -

El Scorcho said...

That is the winner. I would also have accepted Beaver Dam.

Nice work Anthony as your reward I give you the gift that keeps on giving.......My friendship.