Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sometimes you can go home again.

Last weekend Sarah had some meetings in SLC for Open High School of Utah, an online High School that opened up this year. Sarah hates car trips, she would rather fly 8 hrs than drive for 4 so she brings me along to A) Do the driving and B) Relieve the monotony - I am an excellent traveling companion.
So while she was occupied for 6hrs in a conference room turning the world of on line teaching upside down, I took a little time for myself.
First I met Matt and Dusty for lunch at Vino's roach truck in Bountiful. That man turns out some delicious grub, I recommend the cheese steak sandwich. We talked about old times and good times and the current state of affairs, caught up on family and generally enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.
Then D and I headed off to go ride the Mueller Park trail, I used to ride this trail all the time when we lived there 9 yrs ago. I did not ride as much then as I do now and my memory of suffering up the trail to Elephant Rock made me a little nervous about bringing the SS. I shouldn't have worried, what I had forgotten was how smooth that track is and my gearing was perfect. The leaves are changing and there was a layer of yellow covering the ground. Riding on leaves makes for a very quiet ride.

This could have been the ride of the year, at least top 3. It was one of those days where I felt like I could ride forever.

Special thanks to Dustin for being my photog.

D forgot his helmet but weighed the odds and decided to ride anyway. I think he was glad he did.

The view from Elephant Rock, the canyon out to the lake.

Dusty also shot a great video but Blogger is refusing to play nice. So watch for the next post, I have something special for you. (By special I mean shortbus special.)


DW said...

Twas a great ride indeed. I rode two days later (two cold days later) and the quiet yellow carpet had turned to a crunchy brown carpet. Not quite a pretty, but still a wonderful fall ride. I rode Saturday, which was only a few days after our first snow, and it was cold, slushy and muddy - just the way I like it. Gotta get all the rides in that I can before the snow flies with more umph.

Michelle & Steve said...

So how much did that little trip make you miss living up north? Probably a lot because there's not much that compares with the nostalgia of Mueller Park Canyon. Especially in the fall.