Monday, August 30, 2010

233 is the magic number.

I am now onto my 6th Garmin 305, every little while they just decide to stop working. Garmin's customer service has been top notch and I usually have a new one within a couple weeks.
This years swap over coincided with me having to scrub the hard drive on my computer. Due entirely to user interface I lost all the data for Virtual Mark, we may never know if I could ever beat him.

I may take some heat for this from some of my "peers" but this year I have begun training with a heart rate monitor. I do this mostly because I am old and can't go hard every day like I used to, I need a recovery day or two mixed in to keep me going.
So this morning I riding along, slowly, trying to keep the HR under 142bpm and I noticed that whenever I went down hill my HR would jump thru the roof, usually it goes down.

I took a screen shot off the Garmin Connect, click it open and check out the max heart rate;

Just so you know, I have tested my max heart rate while on the bike and I know that at 184 bpm I start to black out. Tough to stay upright while seeing stars.

Q: So what time is it when you see a max HR of 233?
A: Time to get another heart rate monitor.

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