Monday, August 30, 2010

440 Update

Some of the local race organizers (see above) here in the St. George area have caught wind of the 440 and decided that no such event should occur. They have enlisted the help of the St. George BLM office to have them crack down on the unsanctioned event.

Somehow they are threatened by it, I think it might have something to do with......

Who's getting it or not getting it and we can not allow such shenanigans to effect their bottom line. So they are throwing up various and sundry reasons as to why I have to shut it down.

They cannot however kill my dream, so all four of you that have paid me, (you know who you are) will be getting your money back. The fun police have spoken and I accept their ruling but now I HAVE to ride it.

So some guys will be getting together for a plain old ride on October 23, all are invited, come one come all to ride the public trail system just like we do every weekend. Only this time we can stick it to the man.......... just a little bit.

Sing it Dewey.


Kristin said...

And then they kidnapped Shamu and stuck him in a cage!!!

That blows. Sorry Mark.

DW said...

I feel I'm coming down with a major case of stickittodaman-eosis.