Thursday, September 30, 2010

O' dark-thirty

The only time that I can call "mine" is early in the morning before the Family wakes up and work starts piling on. During the summer it's great, sunrise is about 5:50am so as the days get shorter it puts my normal early morning rides in jeopardy. I remedy this with the use of lights, really good lights. One on my helmet and one festooned on the bars. Last fall I purchased a set and it has really lengthened the season for me.

This was what I wanted to buy, the Lupine Tesla 4, price tag $384

This is what I bought; the Magic Shine, price tag $85

So they may be cheap Chinese knock offs but I have to say, they have been great. And for 1/4 the price they are almost disposable.

One of the benefits to starting in the dark is that you get to see the sunrise, my photo skills and equipment are veeerrry sub par but I hope you get the picture.

Stucki Springs looking back to St. George, light setup on the bars.

Looking into the Virgin River Gorge and the town of LaVerkin.

Sunrise over Zion NP. There is a wildfire up on Cedar Mt and the smoke made the colors really spectacular.

I also did some exploring the other night and above St. George City, trying to connect a couple of points on the map for a project I will disclose when I am further along. I nearly got lost and that's not a feeling I can ever remember having. As well as being a life coach I have an internal GPS.

Maybe I should bring my heart rate down before trying to take a picture.


Kristin said...

life coach... lol.

El Scorcho said...

K- I think most of this planet could benefit by my pearls of wisdom.

DW said...

More than once my life has been altered by your sage wisdom.

El Scorcho said...

See K, some people enjoy my pearls of knowledge.

B & J Weston said...

I almost got lost once, it is scary.