Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week in pictures

Good stuff this past week, take a look at the calender

So out of order we have the Great Salt Lake as seen from Elephant Rock up Mueller Park Canyon.

D and Stella arriving at Elephant Rock. Fun fact: D and I have been friends for 30 years.

A view of Elephant Rock from the trail.

Sunrise over St. George from Stucki Point. That's Zion NP in the faaar distance.

The only picture I took on Thursday morning, I was with Rusty the new guy - he just got a bike so I was showing him some of the trails in the area.
Out of respect and the fact that I don't know him all that well I did not photo him with his pants down picking cactus out of his keester. It would have been a great shot and I have a little remorse that I was so kind in the moment.


Kristin said...

what was the come to the dark side Chris day?

El Scorcho said...

K- Loooong story and a bit of an inside joke.
Why don't you pretend it was for your hubby and get his tuckus back on a bike.