Sunday, February 6, 2011


My birthday arrived this year as it does every year, the march of time is an unstoppable truth attached to this mortal existence. This year I hit one of those big numbers, one of the milestones we think about when we are looking forward to what our lives are going to be like in the future.
I did not bemoan the coming of this day, I have not experienced a midlife crisis, I was not taken up in melancholy, lamenting the loss of my youth.  It was just  another birthday.

In absolute honesty I feel exactly the same today as I did 10 years ago, I truly believe that the brain never catches up the age of the body. In our head we are still that twenty-something person while traipsing around in a body that is beginning to show a little wear and tear.  Joints are a little creaky, wrinkles are showing up, and gray hairs are now visible to the naked eye.

A friend of mine (shout out to you D)  had a big party for his 40th, lots of people, lots of good food and mechanical bull set up in the driveway. It was awesome but not really my style, I spent most of the day on the seat of my bicycle, hanging out with my bride or playing Call of Duty - Black Ops online.....take that 40.

My new reality is that age really is just a number and we can still be the very same person we have always been. Who we are never really changes though my wife is telling me I am becoming more crotchety. I think it's because I have less patience with the inane.

I have some more U2 for you on my way out. The song is called "40" and it's the song that they play to end their show, this one is special though because Adam plays lead guitar and The Edge in on the bass.


farmgirl said...

Happy Birthday. I hope 40 is good to you.

p.s. thanks for the mechanical bull idea, i'm sure mike will want me to round one of those up for the big shindig he is just dying to have for his 40th in july. he is such a party lover.

Kristin said...

Happy 40th Mark. You're older than meeee. Na na na na na na.

Glad you decided to skip the mid life crisis too. That's always a good thing.

DW said...

Not knowing exactly when I'll be passing on but guessing it will be sometime between 60-90, I find myself 10 years into my mid-life crisis with another five to go. God help my wife.

Glad you had a nice, mellow, satisfying birthday last month. I think you moved into the 'hood when we were 10. That makes you my BFF going on 30 years now. Thanks for being a great friend.

Now go listen to some U2 and try not to cry.