Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rainbow Revisited

For the last three years, on the weekend after Fathers Day I usually plan on riding the Rainbow Rim. This year was no exception.
This year there will be no long explanation of where it is or how incredible the trail is. Nope, this year I am going to show you the new guys who have never ridden there before, (three of which had never seen the Grand Canyon).  And I will end with a list of the fools who had something better to do than show up for a once a year ride that I plan months in advance.

So first the newbies.

Congrats to the first timers, especially to Luke for lugging that 40 lb rig the entire day.

Now for the slackers;

John- Your off the hook because of your old man's service and the Utah Hill death march.
Brandon - You get a pass because you manned up on the White Rim

Missed you guys.........the rest of you are this close [  ] to dead to me.


Kristin said...

Thanks Mark. It's always good to have proof that they were where they said they were.

I like the public shaming too, that's always fun.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

hot damn. thanks for letting me slide on this one. besides, I probably would've had another allergic reaction.

El Scorcho said...

JRuss, I am pretty sure it's my pheromones.

DW said...