Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bike snobbery.

I know that you have all been waiting for this so here are some progress pictures of the new Coconino. I ripped these from Steve Garro's blog Great blog if you are ever interested.

This is what Steve had to say on his blog.

Mark W., this is your bike! a single speed curved top tube 29er with slider dropouts. nice! i get to use one of the sweeet prestige seat tubes i still have stashed from 94' because it fits jussstt right. a fine mix - true temper, prestige, dedacciai, 4130 and paragon. this baby will be going to southwestern Utah.

So he takes that box of parts and starts working his voodoo magic.

This is the final project ready to go to paint. Steve's shop is in Flagstaff and they got a little snow.

Curvaceous deliciousness.

You don't find work like this every day. Steve uses a brazing technique instead of your normal welds and then files, sands and buffs those babies to perfection.

Sarah didn't realize that this is what she was getting me for Christmas. She is so lucky that I am easy to shop for.
Hopefully the next post will be of the complete bike. Stay tuned.


Lynette and Anthony said...

You're right, I have been waiting for this for a long time!

Sara Anne said...

I am thoroughly and completely amazed at how much I don't know about bikes. I'm glad that it makes you so happy though.

Sarah said...

enjoy your present.